Registration Using Ticketing

Features Benefits
Guests can register using the ticketing feature as a Zero-Value ticket – a FREE service Want a great way to register your guests AND collect unlimited unique data? Event organizers can use the ticketing feature to register guests.
Collect unlimited valuable data through registration questions Optimize your current and future events by including unlimited custom questions for data collection during the checkout process. You can ask as many or as little questions you like. For example, how did you hear about this event? What city are you coming from? Would you like to be sent additional information after the event? What car are your driving to the auto show? Or ask multiple questions that can act as a full registration form. All your data gets collected in a concise document for easy manipulation. This is beneficial for camp registrations, questionnaires, membership applications, or surveys. Whatever your purpose is the sky is your limit!
Use a discount/promotion code to reduce the cost of the ticket to zero for free registration or desired amount This is a great way to keep the value of your offer known to those coming to the event but discount according to whom you want to register. For example, create tickets with a cost of $20 and provide a promotion code for $20 off. This holds constant the perceived value of your event and allows you over time to drop the code to make money from ticket sales if that is what you desire.
Registration confirmation ticket to guest It is important to us that your guests are confident and assured of the completion process of registration. They will automatically receive a registration confirmation ticket and reminders sent to their email for their records.
Option to register one attendee online at a time – a FREE service The simplest and quickest registration method for you to set up and for your guests to register. Have it up and running in seconds! Best of all it is zero cost for guests to register.
Basic information collected; guest’s first/last name and email If you are just wanting minimal information and not looking to collect large amounts of data then this basic registration tool perfect for your needs.
Message box option for attendees Should the guest feel the need to include additional important information they can include a message for the organizer.