Our rates are rates you will love and your customers will love

Our 3 easy ways of how you can handle payments on eventastic

Absorb Fees

1.99% + CC Fees

Pass on Fees


Pass 1.99% + CC Fees to the purchaser

No Cost, No Fees

No Hidden Fees
on Free Ticketing

Credit Card Fees

3% flat rate
+0.3 per transaction

Gateway For Payments

No hidden fees to set up

Secure SSL Standard

Secure payments from day one on your platform or through our embeded ticket kiosk

Cost To Use Eventastic

You may cancel at any time. There are no long term contracts.


$1 per month will enable your license. The license establishes your partnership with Eventastic where you'll receive your own branded platform. and start earning funds. Every new platform dollar earned through sponsorships, upgrades and our services rendering will be split and automatically flow into your bank account. There is no effor required on your part.

Still Not Sold on Our Services

Our Competition

60 cents plus

6.99% to 10.99%
Based on your ticket cost

Per Ticket

A bunch of costs either for you or to charge to your customers

Eventastic Fees

Flat Rate

1.99% + CC Fees

Per Transaction

This fee is only on the whole transacton, not on individual tickets

1.Sign Up For License

Risk free and cancel any time

2. Set Up Payment Service

We'll guide you to make funds flow on day one

3. Set Up Your Platform

Set up your branding and colours and we'll finish setting up the platform

4. Start Creating

Start using your platform
Adding events, tickets & passes