Organizer Landing Page

Features Benefits
Organizer View - List and categorize all your featured, current and past events for easy access, to monitor, edit or recreate The organizer’s database houses ALL their events in organized tabs. It has never been so easy to manage multiple events!
Attendee View The attendee view will present a list of the featured events that are hosted by that organizer. They can simply click “Attend” and be brought to the event website to register or buy tickets.
Click to manage /edit and view event websites A simple click of a button will bring you to the organizer’s edit page. All changes are made in real time and will instantly be updated right on your event website.
Quickly Clone or Clone and Assign an event website to another platform user Cloning an event is a great way to quickly create an identical copy or duplication of all the details from an event that you have already created. The organizer can even Clone and Assign it to another platofrm user which saves time when organizing recurring events such as annual galas or fundraisers.
Delete an event Should the organizer need to cancel or delete an event, they have full control to do so on the database with a simple click of a button.