About & Contact the Organizer

Features Benefits
AAdd an event organizer logo or picture to your profile Increase visibility and exposure for the event organizer or host of the event!
Add an event organizer description about yourself or your company for all guests to see The event organizer’s profile is viewable by all those who visit the event website at the bottom of the page. This serves as a great way to introduce yourself so your attendees understand who you are and what you do.
Organizer name, company, address, telephone, website, email, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn URL will be displayed at the bottom of the event website Allow guests to get to know you and easily connect by linking your email, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn URL.
Guests can easily contact the event organizer directly if they chose or go to a separate platofrm support button Be reachable! Answer any private questions or inquiries when guests directly contact you right from the page. We make it so easy for them to get in touch with the organizer. This platform’s support team is here to help answer any technical questions so you can focus on the event.
Transaction Security For added assurance a security question and answer will be required by the organizer in order to redeem the money from the event. The security question allows event organizers to control the cash out process even if they have provided access to manage the event to more than one person on their planning team. The questions can be edited at any point right through the organizer’s profile.
Additional Security As added level of security, the organizer has the option to nominate a trusted party as the Receiver/Facilitator of the cash out process. The organizer has full control and can change/edit the receiver at any time.