Online Ticket Kiosk

Features Benefits
Simply choose the size of the ticketing kiosk you want, then cut and paste your specific event code right into your own website Create your event ticketing in 4 minutes or less and drive traffic to your own website using our online ticket kiosk.
Add your ticketing to your supporting charities or co-host’s website Your customized ticket kiosk can be added to multiple websites increasing ticket sales and promotion for the event.
Add your ticket kiosk to social media
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Email
Reach a broader audience by adding the ticket kiosk to any of your social media channels. We make it easy for you! Just cut and paste the social media code we provide you for your specific event and be amazed by the increase in ticket sales.
Free for free events This platform is free for free event!