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Adding Your Ecommerce Items into the Sales Rep System

Looking for even more exposure and transactions? Placing your Ecommerce into the Sales Rep System will empower individuals to sell on your behalf in a commission style trackable program resulting in increased exposure and transactions for you with little to no effort on your part.

The Sales Rep tool allows you to gamify your ticket sales by adding sales/event representatives to your created ticketing page aka ‘micro-site’ holding tickets, vouchers, passes and ecommerce and subsequently reward them for their efforts. Perfect for encouraging staff, volunteers, students, board members etc. to help sell with the potential of a monetary or otherwise reward as chosen by the organizer.

Simply add the names and email addresses of people you wish to assign as Sales Reps along with indicating the %reward to be tracked (not provided) and they’ll be emailed an auto-generated custom link to your ticketing page and encouraged to share the link through email and social media channels. Their custom link can then be monitored and tracked by you the organizer as well as the Rep for all transactions made.

The Sales Rep tool allows you to gamify the process and encourage more sales by monitoring each Sales Rep results and offer rewards to top sellers.

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