Marketing Tool

Ticketing/Registration Pages

Looking for an innovative, effective means of sharing your offering to your audience and beyond as well as manage incoming data? The The ticketing or registration page aka micro-site you'll create will be a vehicle to hold and carry your Ecommerce, Ticketing, Vouchers, Passes and all transactions and related data. It can be your micro website to share additional information about your initiative and a great tool to educate and stimulate more interest outside your own website or inside as you wish. The micro-site will also house your Kiosk for straight to the point transaction capabilities enabling you to put a simple window on your own website or within social media displaying only your Ecommerce items on it.

Each Micro-Site will automatically generate clickable display cards which will be your front door for consumers to be aware of all what you offer in a simple easy to view listing on your search page if you desire. Offerings not for general public viewing (ie private functions) may be made non - searchable by a simple click to make it ‘Private’ at the top of the Micro-Site after completion. Likewise, micro-sites with products for general public viewing may be clicked ‘public’ for added exposure and watch the magic.

There is no obligation, no contract and you may cancel these Micro-Sites at any time. Moving forward you will be unleashing the power of this amazing platform with all the tools to maximize your sales and organize your data in a very simple user friendly way.

Next Steps

Sign up for our Industry "Pro" License - Branded and you will have access to all the products listed above. Here are the steps to getting a branded site for your business.

1. Provide Account Info

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2. Set Up Payment Service

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3. Set Up Your Branding

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4. Start Creating

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