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Looking for a ‘quick to the point’ sales or registration tool without the full micro site marketing tools like photos, video, full description etc.? Our amazing Kiosk is your auto-generated sales or registration window allowing you to sell tickets, vouchers, passes, merchandise, sponsorship packages, etc. without using all the bells and whistle marketing tools we offer in a micro site layout and unlike many of our competitors the user will not be jumped to other websites to complete their transaction. Users click the number they want, checkout and receive their tickets by email instantly!

You’ll simply create your tickets, vouchers, passes etc in the ticketing section of your page. Then click the Kiosk button within ticketing to view your auto-generated Kiosk customized to your offering. You’ll choose the size of the Kiosk window and simply cut and paste the code links provided either to social media channels or into your own website code for easy transactions on your own website!

Create your ticketing in 4 minutes or less and drive traffic to your own website using our online Kiosk! The Kiosk can even be added to multiple websites increasing your sales and promotion for your event or otherwise. By adding the Kiosk to any and all of your social media channels you’ll reach a broader audience and allow immediate sales without bouncing from site to site to complete the transaction. Don’t lose your audience attention by sending them to other pages for purchase. Share the Kiosk and allow for instant sales!

It’s a win-win for you AND the user!

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