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Adding Your Ecommerce Items into the Sales Rep System

Looking for even more exposure and transactions? Placing your Ecommerce into the Sales Rep System will empower potentially thousands of individuals to sell on your behalf in a commission style trackable program resulting in increased exposure and transactions for you with little to no effort on your part.

By placing your ecommerce items in the Sales Rep System, organizations will have the opportunity to raise money for their not for profit or cause through a simple self generated unique link custom to them only that when shared through email or social media channels can generate donation dollars for them while rapidly increasing sales for you! When creating your micro-site in the Helps Centre you’ll simply submit a percentage you’re willing to donate to a ‘Not for Profit’ for each transaction made through the custom URL link they receive to your micro-site. It’s a win-win!

Once the custom URL link is shared with the Not for Profit, You will then have the ability to track sales for every sports teams, classrooms, schools or charity and watch it benefit their cause all the while filling seats at your event or attraction.

This system works only with our software for any Ticket, Voucher or Products and Passes.

Your ‘public’ MICRO-SITE Ecommerce products must provide the following:

It’s important to remember, the more generous you are with the donation commission amount to the fundraiser, the higher your ranking will be in the system and the more attention you will garner resulting in more sales generated for you.

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