Donations / Fundraising


Regardless of your Not For Profit Status, we make it easy to get donations with innovative marketing tools, easy online donation capabilities on all devices and automated tax receipts. We can even include the tax donation inside your ticket price to show automatically as separated for for government reporting.


We make Fundraising simpler enabling you to market your cause with innovative tools as well as encourage ticket sales and allow for transaction ease. Our combo technology allows for one click getting you multiple items ie Pay for our Community Challenge Event $30 per team; They automatically get scannable barcodes for each stage of a race.

Next Steps

Sign up for our Industry "Pro" License - Branded and you will have access to all the products listed above. Here are the steps to getting a branded site for your business.

1. Provide Account Info

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2. Set Up Payment Service

Have funds flow directly to the bank account of your choice

3. Set Up Your Branding

Provide your logo & choice colours for your ticketing platform

4. Start Creating

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