Goods and Services

Features Benefits
Sell multiple goods and services directly on your event website Front of the line pre sold goods and services gives you guaranteed sales and advanced cash flow before your event. It allows the organizer to know what items as well as quantity to bring for pick up and allows guests to bypass lines for quick redemption at the event. The organizer can sell multiple goods and services online such as multiple sponsorship packages, books at a book signing, conference items at a trade show, CDs at a concert, event t-shirts by size and colour, etc. The sky’s the limit!
Allow your clients to use credit cards with ease at or before your event It’s like having a cash register at your vendor booth! Make it easy for your guests to purchase goods and services by taking all major credit cards. Friendly reminder- All sales taxes are the organizer’s responsibility and subject to location so make sure they are included in the price for the goods and services.
Merchandise name, price, photo and a detailed description are displayed A picture is worth a thousand words. Add a photo of the good or service to stimulate interest and include all the item details.
Display remaining number/quantity of merchandise available Motivate your guests to buy NOW and create an escalated purchase pattern when attendees know there are limited quantities available.
Receipt allows attendees that pre purchase to go to “the front of the line” Quick and easy for vendors at the event to hand out pre sold merchandise. Their receipts make it a smooth process of merely a redeem and pickup system.