FAQs – Organizers

Here are some commonly asked questions, but if you can't find what you’re looking for, contact us and we'll get back to you.

How much does it cost use Eventastic?

  • If your event is free, then Eventastic is free! Don’t believe it? Create a test event and try us on for size. There are no monthly charges, enrollment or setup fees. If you are selling tickets to your event, service fees will apply, but you can choose to include the fees in your ticket price or absorb the cost.

Can buyers obtain a refund or exchange once they have purchased their tickets?

  • Refunds and exchanges are the responsibility of the event organizer. It is your responsibility as the event organizer to communicate your refund policy and to issue refunds to buyers. All communications or disputes regarding refunds are between the event organizer and buyer. Eventastic is not responsible or liable in any way for refunds, errors in issuing refunds, or lack of refunds in connection with the services.

I'm charging for my event. Can I have my attendees pay the Eventastic fee?

  • Yes, when you create your event, select the option, "Charge Processing Fees". The fees will then be added to the attendees total cost upon checkout.  

Is this platform restricted to small events?

  • Eventastic can help you manage events of any size – from a small father to a concert. This tool is flexible enough to meet the needs of your event.

How are the transactions processed?

  • All transactions between the organizer and purchaser are done right on the event website through our secure credit card payment system. We accept Visa, Visa debit, MasterCard, and American Express.

What are the transaction charges and processing fees?

Can I set privacy settings for an event?

  • Yes, you have complete control over the publicity of an event on Eventastic’s website. Private events are great for events that you want to control attendees. These events are not published on Eventastic and therefore not searchable by the public. The event website details, and registration are limited to only those who receive the private event URL link directly.

Can I promote my event on social media?

  • Yes, you can promote your event through multiple social media channels. The organizer can link the event’s social media profile to Facebook, Twitter (create a unique #hashtag), YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, so guests can connect and follow right from the event website. Select “invite friends” and click on the social media channel you’d like to share. Having a social profile for your event helps reach new and larger audiences, drive traffic, and increase sales from attendees.

Can I duplicate one of my previously made event website?

  • Yes, simply click the “Clone” button on the organizer’s landing page. Cloning an event is a great way to quickly create an identical copy or duplication of all the details from an event that is already created. Also, you can empower others to sell tickets and collect donations on your behalf with the option to “Clone and Assign” an event website to another team member, fundraiser or Eventastic user etc. This features saves time when organizing recurring events such as annual galas or fundraisers.

How and when do I get the money for the event?

  • You can Cashout the day of the event through your Event Dashboard and select “Request Cashout.” Multiple levels of security are built in to protect your revenue. Payment is paid in the currency selected for the event less the fees incurred. The organizer can choose how they would like to receive the payment by PayPal transfer, direct deposit, orissuedcheque. For more information about our Cashout process click here.

What are the fees if I am organizing a free event with no ticket sales or cash donations?

  • If your event is free, then Eventastic is free. There are no monthly charges, enrollment or set-up fees.

How are the tickets redeemed at my event?

Attendees can simply download environmentally friendly e-tickets or print their own bar-coded tickets to bring to the event. For convenience, the event organizer has multiple ways to redeem tickets:

  1. Mobile App Check In – Easily scan tickets at the door for added security. Search “Eventastic” for the free mobile check-in app available from the app stores for iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android devices. It includes a password to protect your ticket redemption process.
  2. Computer Check In – Dashboard check off using ticket ID numbers on your computer, phone or tablet. It’s easy and even allows you to sell tickets at the door at the same time.
  3. Manual Check In – Simply download the attendee list to excel through the organizer’s dashboard, print it and use a highlighter to mark off guests as they arrive.
  4. Name Tag Print Off - Easily download our CSV file and print a name tag for each of your attendees allowing you a method of monitoring who attends the event.
  5. Open Door – This is an effortless method dependent on your event and trust that attendees have purchased tickets.