Create A Ticketing Page Micro-Site with Bonus Marketing Features Or Simply Use The Auto-Generated Ticket Window Kiosk

This Micro-Site is a vehicle to hold and carry your Ecommerce, Ticketing, Vouchers, Passes, Free Registration and all transactions and related data. It can be your quick website to share additional information about your initiative and a great tool to educate and stimulate more interest outside your own website or inside as you wish.

These Micro-Sites will enable you to leverage marketing, sales tools and reporting while collecting data important for your current and future needs. We supply you with endless possibilities in managing tickets, vouchers, passes allowing you to take online payments any time, anywhere in the world.

PLUS, every time ticketing/registration is created you receive an auto-generated Ticket Kiosk for quick to the point sales with only your Ecommerce options appearing in a user friendly purchasing window! Embed your full Micro-Site or your Ticketing Kiosk to compliment your own website and/or share through all social media channels

You’ll be able to collect 100% of your face value by choosing to pass along the fees or any relevant taxes to the customer resulting in you paying ZERO for this entire amazing service!

Earn More, Pay Less! There is no obligation, no contract and you may opt out at any time.

Let's Start By Naming Your Page:

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