EventRep Program

It’s easy to appoint any individual, fundraiser, volunteer, employee, or wedding party member to your EventRep sales team!

Compensate and motivate your EventReps to drive results forward by gamifying ticket sales to nurture the fun and competitive aspect of selling out the event. There is no more running around selling printed tickets to reach a quota. Everything is done online through the event website.

How it works

  1. Appoint and invite a friend, family member, employee etc. to your EventRep sales team
  2. Your EventRep will receive an email with their unique personalized URL to use when promoting the event
  3. Event organizer can assign and automatically set a specific percentage of ticket value of rewards for top tier sellers and change rewards anytime
  4. Event organizer gets live updates on the sales team’s performance and can easily track individual sales to know which of the volunteers or employees are most effective

Start building your team to increase ticket sales and donations for your cause.

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