EventRep Program - Terms of Agreement

Use of the EventRep program is subject to the following terms and conditions:

a. Eventastic is not subject to any agreements (actual or implied) entered between the organizers and EventReps, nor is it an agent, employee, partner or other representative of organizers or EventReps.

b. Eventastic does not screen or investigate in any way the event organizers and EventReps to determine their ability or willingness to perform the obligations that may be undertaken pursuant to this EventRep Program. Organizers and EventReps need to resolve all questions and issues between themselves.

c. Eventastic makes no representations or warranties and gives no assurances that any organizer or any EventRep will perform all duties under the EventRep Program, including without limitation to organizers paying any money owed to EventReps.

d. Eventastic will not settle, mediate or otherwise assume responsibility for resolving disputes between organizers and EventReps.

e. Eventastic assumes no liability arising from the use or misuse of the EventRep Program, or in the event that the EventRep Program fails to operate as expected, even if such failure results in the loss of data or in the misrepresentation of data necessary for the organizers and EventReps to fulfill commitments entered into using the EventRep Program. Eventastic accepts no responsibility for any problems or failure of the EventRep Program directly or indirectly associated Eventastic, it’s software and website.

f. Eventastic accepts no responsibility for the incorrect usage of the unique sales link assigned to each EventRep. Each EventRep will receive a unique sales URL link to promote an event. It is the responsibility of the organizer and the EventRep to ensure that the sales link is properly used according to the instruction provided by Eventastic. Failure to do so may lead to incorrect tracking of the EventRep’s efforts.

g. If the event organizer decides to increase an EventRep’s commission for the tickets sold at anytime, the increase will be effective for all the tickets sold and future tickets for that particular event. The same applies to a decrease in the commission as well. The most recent commission set by the event organizer prior to cash out will be applicable to all the tickets sold by the EventRep for that particular event.

h. If an event organizer decides to delete an EventRep in the dashboard, all transaction records of the EventRep for that particular event will be deleted. Event organizers must carefully consider the decision to delete an EventRep and it is the event organizer’s responsibility to settle any payment towards the EventReps whose accounts were deleted for an event. It is the responsibility of the EventRep to resolve any dispute with the organizer.

j. By participating in the EventRep Program, the event organizer accepts to all the above mentioned terms and conditions and also agrees that it is the event organizer’s responsibility to ensure that all the above terms and conditions are understood and accepted by the EventRep.