This platform Fees

For events big and small, this platform cares about your success! We have strategically created valuable tools that drive thousands of dollars in sales, increase traction, attendees and elevate exposure.
If you keep your event free, then we keep it free!
Whether you are hosting a free event or a revenue generating event there are
  • NO monthly charges
  • No enrollment or set up fees
  • No credit card is required
  • No contracts or commitments - Cancel Anytime
  • 100% security assurance

Proven Formula for sucess for a WIN-WIN-WIN situation!
1)Revenue Generators
  • Online Ticket Sales - On average, online ticket sales exceed s much as 60% vs traditional printed sales, which in turn increase sales by as much as 45%
  • Online Ticket Kiosk - Add to your own website, partner's website or social media pages - Double your sales, exposure, and traction
  • Donations - Collect donations from multiple charities right on your event website - as much as 89% increase in donations and as much as 70% increase in charity visibility
  • Silent Auction - Display multiple silent aution items to build excitement - as much as 90% increase in revenue/donations and as much as 86% increase in donor exposure
  • Event Merchandise E-Commerce - as much as 92% increase in pre-sold goods and services
2)Intangible Value
  • Using this platform gives you a list of attendees making repeat events simple. With a click of button in as little as 10 seconds your event can be cloned and assigned to another user.
  • Gamification tool like our EventRep Prgram increase motion by as much as 200% which results in approximately 74% increase in ticket sales
  • Photo Sharing and Video messaging increase exposure by as much as 90%
  • Free Social Media and Marketing tools amp up attendance by as much as 83%
*Results derived from recent independent focus groups held in the past 8 months*
Transaction Charge
  • Tickets priced $0.01-4.99 will incur a charge of $0.25
  • Tickets priced $5.00-9.99 will incur a charge of $0.50
  • Tickets priced $10.00-19.99 will incur a charge of $0.75
  • Tickets priced $20.00+ will incur a charge of $0.99
This platform Processing Fees
  • 2.5% of cash transactions paid by organizer
*We guarantee that our processing fees will NEVER exceed $9.99 regardless of ticket price
Optional: Credit Card Processing Fees Credit card processing fees will apply to any and all transactions. Organizers have the option to include and allocate the standard credit card processing fees to the individual attendees/items, making it a no cost event for the organizer or absorb the costs themselves.
We take pride in knowing our competitive prices and breadth of value added features creates repeat customers. Fall in love with this platform and features, benefits, usability and simplicity. We just know you will keep coming back!
Business to Business SaaS Model fees
Please contact our sales department for B2B prices at None of the prices above are reflected in the B2B model.