Event Ticketing

Features Benefits
Easily sell tickets online Online ticketing will help you increase revenue like never before making it easy for your guests to get tickets. Selling tickets online helps to better forecast attendance vs selling tickets at the door which can be unpredictable.
Create unlimited types/classifications of tickets Our customizable ticketing tool helps you get the most out of your event. Multiple different classifications of tickets such as VIP, early bird, student, senior tickets etc. can be created and personalized with first and last names assigned to each. Our customizable ticketing tool helps you get the most out of your event. Multiple different classifications of tickets such as VIP, early bird, student, senior tickets etc. can be created and personalized with first and last names assigned to each.
Display remaining number of tickets Motivate your attendees to act now by displaying the remaining number of tickets. This will increase urgency and excitement to buy before they are sold out. This ON/OFF option allows you to wait until you have good traction to enable it.
Manage venue capacity by limiting ticket types Never oversell with this plaform! Manage your capacity by limiting all ticket types to whatever quantity you or your venue requires.
Select time frame to sell tickets Be stress free with time framed ticket sales! There is no need to monitor start and end sale dates of tickets because we assure they will magically disappear and drop off the website on the date chosen by you. For example, set early bird ticket sales to disappear after Oct 1, 2016. Yes, it’s that simple!
Create multiple tickets as 1 scannable ticket for many items For simplicity and speed of redemption, multiple tickets can be created as 1 scannable ticket for example an arm’s length of raffle tickets represented as a single ticket.
Create multiple attendees per ticket If you are organizing a Gala or Golf Tournament where multiple attendees count as 1 ticket this feature is very beneficial. For example, ticket sales for dinner tables of 8+ or a cart of 4 players in a golf tournament are made easy as multiple attendees can be counted towards 1 ticket purchase. Best of all, we offer customizable ticket information - the single ticket will list the multiple attendee’s first and last names for better data retention.
Unlimited discount/promotion codes The possibilities are endless with our promotion code feature. Promotion codes are controlled, tracked, and secure through your event website. Any value, any volume and any name you choose – the organizer has full control of discounts. For example, offer a VIP 100% discount to attract them to attend.
Custom unlimited registration questions per ticket Optimize your current and future events by including unlimited custom questions for data collection during the checkout process. You can ask as many or as little questions as you like. For example, How did you hear about this event? What city are you coming from? Would you like to be sent additional information after the event? What car are your driving to the auto show? Or ask multiple questions that can act as a full registration form. All your data is collected in a concise dashboard for easy manipulation. This is beneficial for camp registrations, questionnaires, membership applications or surveys. Whatever your purpose, the sky is your limit!
Custom Ticketing API – Online Ticket Kiosk to put ticketing on your own website or social media channels Expand your horizons! Sell tickets on your event website AND using our Online Ticket Kiosk. This platform provides you with the codes that allows you to put the full ticketing function on your website or your client’s website and social media channels. Increase sales with our instant ticket box pop up for prompt payment and deal closure. See next feature for more information on our Online Ticket Kiosk.
Choose event currency (CAD, USD, GBP, EUR, AUD) Worldwide use for events of any size. Ensure consistency in event management and maintain a professional image.
Option to charge credit card processing fees to attendee and/or additional fees = NO FEES for the organizer The organizer has full control over the cost of the event and can reduce their costs to zero. There is an option to charge the credit card processing fees to the customer and even add an additional amount on top of the fees to cover all associate costs that might be incurred by the organizer. This allows those fees to be passed to the attendee, which have an expectation of online processing fees.
Full E-Commerce Integration More than admission tickets, the organizer can also use the ticketing feature to pre-sell tickets for merchandise, meal plans, beverages, raffles etc. The sky’s the limit! Guests will receive bar-coded tickets for these items along with their admission ticket.
Dashboard updates The organizer will get real-time updates and reports on all ticket classification sales and gross sales. This feature empowers the organizer to make informed decisions leading to more successful events.
Unique URL for EventRepsps Event representatives are any individuals, volunteers, or employees who have been chosen to help promote a particular event. The unique personalized URL makes it easy for EventReps to promote and reach a larger audience by marketing your event via email or social channels in seconds.
Gamification of Ticket Sales - Monitor sales to increase motivation Gamify ticket sales and easily track the productivity of promoters for the purpose of holding accountability or compensation. It is reported that when sales are monitored they can increase motivation by over 200%. This platform makes it easy for your EventReps to sell tickets. There is no more running around selling printed tickets to reach a quota. Everything is done online through the event website.
Organizer can assign and automatically set a specific percentage of ticket value of rewards for top tier sellers and change rewards anytime. Compensate and motivate your EventReps to drive results forward. Your dashboard offers live updates so you can nurture the fun and competitive aspect of selling out your event. The organizer can use the dashboard as a Scoreboard to keep excitement levels up.
Email notification to EventReps We do the work so you don’t have to. To sign up an EventRep all you need is their name and email address. Then this platform sends out an automated email with the EventRep’s link to track their specific sales.
Organizer can track individual total unit sales and total revenue by individuals The organizer can review the sales team’s performance and track individual sales to know which of the volunteers or employees are most effective.
Great example: Trade shows can implement vendors as EventReps Win – win situation! Harness the energy and momentum of your vendors or clients to sell more. As vendors invite their clients to come to the event this tool would allow you to discount their next trade show booth by the amount earned by that vendor. Want even more closing power? Offer a promotion code for each of them.