Event Dashboard

Features Benefits
  • Real time updates of ticket sales and gross ticket sales
  • Real time update of cash gifts & donations (from, date, amount)
  • Real time update of goods or service sales and # units sold for individual items
  • Real time update of EventRep ticket sales
Sales Summary – gross total
The one stop shop for all your data and transaction information! The event organizers’ dashboard has real time updates on all sales reports critical to monitor event success. Easily track your transactions based on each individual item as well as view a sales summary gross total. Sales reports are provided for all ticket sales, cash gifts and donations, goods and services, and EventRep tickets sold. The dashboard is only for the organizers’ viewing and is not public.
Download attendee list Creating and printing name tags and place cards is a breeze! Simply import the excel list into your label template website to fully populate the labels with information like first and last name, corporate name, title, and logo etc.
Download EventRep list Download the EventReps list to act as an amazing tool and scoreboard to motivate sales people and volunteers.
Download registration answers in full detail The data collected from the event registration answers can also be downloaded by the organizer which serves as invaluable information for current and future event planning. Keep your finger on the pulse of your event by manipulating the document for easy upload to your CRM or given to your survey team for analysis.
Request Cash Out
  • Paypal Transfer
  • Issued Cheque sent via Mail
  • Direct Deposit via Email Transfer
Multiple levels of security are built in to protect your revenue. Payment is paid in the currency selected for the event less the fees incurred. The organizer can choose how they would like to receive the payment by online transfer, direct deposit, or issued cheque.
We cover everything! At the same time we send the organizer’s money, this platform automatically generates the amount for your EventReps, allowing you to easily pay out the funds once you recieve the events total funds.
Transaction security Through the event organizer’s profile, multiple levels of security can be added for the cash out process. A security question is required to redeem the money. This security question allows event organizers to control the cashout process if they have provided access to manage the event to more than one person on their planning team.
Additional Security As an added level of security, the organizer has to option to nominate a trusted party as the Receiver/Facilitator of the cash out process. The organizer has full control and can change/edit the receiver at any time.