Online Ticket Kiosk

Features Benefits
  • Notification about tickets sales to organizer
  • Notification about goods or services purchase to organizer
  • Notification about donation and cash gift transaction to organizer
  • Always be in the know! get instant email notification about sales and transactions form tickets goods or services, donations and cash gifts.
  • Notification about new registrant sent to organizer
  • Keep track of all attendees and registration numbers. If a new guest registers for the event, the organizer gets an update with theri informatio and registration answers.
  • Reminder to organizer 3 days before event
  • Reminders to attendees 2 days before event
  • As the event is fast approaching there are so many things to remember and keep organized. This platform has got you covered by sending automatic email reminders.
  • Invitation to EventRep
  • It can’t get any easier. Instantly send an email invitation to an EventRep so they can start promoting and selling tickets right away.