Connected Events

Features Benefits
Organize and create events within event with all of this platform’s features; used for separate ticketing or registration Are you hosting an event that has a sub event such as a conference with panel presentations, workshops, multiple speakers etc.? The sub event feature helps organize events within events and is perfect for separate ticketing or registration. For example at your next conference have a separate event website for each of your speakers with custom registration or ticketing for each of them so you can plan accordingly.
Linked directly on event’s main page Easy to find and flip back and forth from the main event website to the sub event. All guests can click the connected event at the bottom of the main website and be brought to the connected website instantly.
Great for conferences with sub events such as panel presentations, workshops, and multiple speakers Keep it clean, simple, and easy to follow for your guests. All the same value-added features are available on each sub event website as well.