Regardless of the size of your event, online registration and ticketing will help you achieve great results.

Promote your event online and sell your tickets faster than ever before.

Attendees can simply download environmentally friendly e-tickets or print their own bar-coded tickets.

Include your personal or corporate branding on your events page and you’ll be up and running in minutes. Eventastic is a comprehensive event planning tool that allows you to create, promote, track, manage and sell all in one place. Here are just some of the utilities that will help make your event a sell-out:

  • Online invitations with video message options

  • Instant online ticketing and mobile check-in

  • Tiered ticketing capabilities lets you offer a range of ticket prices and packages - from regular to VIP

  • Event Rep Reward program

  • Social media integration (follow and share)

  • Cross-promote with event partners using the Affiliate program

  • Social media links

  • Cross-promotions with event partners

  • Maximum ticket issue protection - never oversell your venue capacity again!

  • Leverage online ticketing to also pre-sell tickets for beverages, raffles, goods or services - get creative!

Promote your event online and increase attendance at your next concert, theatre performance, recital or conference.

Create engaging invitations, start the buzz on social media and track the success of your event.

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