Plan Comparisons

  • Personal License: Designed for one time personal ticketing with minimal features.
  • Industry “Pro” License: Designed for forward thinking Professional Organizations & Events
Personal License Industry "Pro" License
Transaction Fee 2.49% + CC 1.99% + CC
Free for Free Registration
Voucher Ticketing
Custom Redemption Policies for Pass Ticketing
Product Voucher
Early Bird Pricing
Promo Codes
Pass Along Fees or Absorb Fees Per Item
Photo Sharing
Photo Slideshow Capabilities
Video Display Galleries
Auto Play Video On Load
Social Media, Links and Shares
Multiple Redemption Ways
Display Attendees
Additional File Support
Directions and Geo Location
Auto Addition to Calendar
Agenda/Program Display
Dashboard for Reporting
Downloadable Reports
Branded to Your Organization
Additional Ticket Type Options
Unlimited User Scalability
Seat Assignment for Any Venue
Live Map Technology for Site Registration
Combination Ticketing Technology
Bundling With Other Industries
Advanced Registration Forms
Online User Waiver Sign Off Forms
Log In Options for User Purchasing
Multi-Level Administration Log Ins
Inventory System For Larger Operations
Donation Collection and Receipt
Goods and Services E-commerce
Sponsors Advertiser Windows
Silent Auctuon Process Simplified
Guest Funding Program
Helps Program Gamification
Event Buzz Comment Forms
Custom Messages When Purchaser Uses a Promo Code
HUB System for Grouping Industires
Reporting and Data of all Sales, Redemptions, Registrations and Google Analytics
Revenue Generating Options

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Next Steps for Industry "Pro" Version

Sign up for our Industry "Pro" Version - Branded and you will have access to all the products listed above. Here are the steps to getting a branded site for your business.

1.Sign Up For License

Risk free and cancel any time

2. Set Up Payment Service

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3. Set Up Your Platform

Set up your branding and colours and we'll finish setting up the platform

4. Start Creating

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