Guest funding

Features Benefits
The organizer has the option to list multiple goals that they are saving towards. For corporate and personal events such as retirement parties, weddings, birthday parties, bar mitzvahs and showers where gifts are a traditional part of the event there are times where monetary gifts are preferred for various reasons.
Name, description, and a photo of the cash gift are displayed Unlimited cash gift categories can be easily displayed to create excitement and motivation.
Accept all major credit cards Having a secure online guest funding option allows friends and family to contribute whether they are able to attend the event or not while accepting credit cards removes the stress and liability of having large amounts of cash on hand.
Private message option with the gift Guests worldwide can include a personalized message with the dollar value they would like to gift. This gives you the beneficial ability to write a receipt or send a thank you letter.
Set a goal amount for each item amount Whether you are saving for home renovations, a working fund, a new baby crib or your honeymoon, you can motivate your guests to help you achieve your goals.
Dashboard updates Tracking guest’s individual and total contributions is made easy by real time updates on the event organizer’s dashboard.