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Features Benefits
Centralized platform branded to you or your company Give your brand unparalleled exposure with your own centralized platform with customized logos and photos, colours, and fonts. We do all the work so you don’t have to!
Fee – free ticketing platform Drive economic growth with a fee-free ticketing platform. Host unlimited ticketed events a year paying zero ticketing fees, and watch as your savings grow.
Collect valuable data from registration & ticket sales Optimize your current and future events by including unlimited custom questions for data collection during the checkout process. You can ask as many or as few questions as you wish. For example, How did you hear about this event? What city are you coming from? Would you like to be sent additional information after the event? What car are your driving to the auto show? Or ask multiple questions that can act as a full registration form. All your data gets collected in a concise dashboard for easy manipulation like crafting marketing strategies. This is beneficial for camp registrations, questionnaires, membership applications or surveys. Whatever your purpose, the sky is your limit!
Flat monthly fee Pay only a flat monthly fee that amounts to a fraction of the price of the current ticketing fees you and/or your company is paying. Choose to reinvest monies and data into your company rather than lose it through other ticketing platforms.