About Eventastic

Eventastic is an online event registration, ticketing and marketing platform for businesses and individuals world-wide. We allow third party event organizers to sell tickets and register guests for their events in advance online while leveraging other engaging features to drive attendance, revenue and donations.

Our many industry leading tools and features provide an experience that maximizes success for an event of any size in any industry: entertainment, charity, business, weddings, sports, religious, fundraisers, community, school, technology and personal parties.

Revenue generating features like ticketing, silent auctions, cash gifting, donations, and event merchandise e-commerce are all easy for your guests to locate and buy right from your customized event website.

Tickets sell faster with Gamification through our EventRep Program. Eventastic also provides a free Online Ticket Kiosk which can be added to any existing website and social media channels to increase ticket sales and traction for your event.

Marketing tools such as photo and video sharing, event buzz and communication, and email marketing help you build excitement. Our full social media integration for your event website will amp up your attendance, event awareness and increase visibility.

NEW! SaaS Model: We provide a unique B2B solution – a centralized and consolidated event platform built on our technology, branded to your organization. Our platform becomes your platform as you own and integrate our features while your organization (along with 3rd party organizers should you chose) promote and execute successful events. Increase your data and revenue while we do all the behind the scenes development, support and customization so you can focus on what you do best.