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"Eventastic was a great platform to sell tickets for the Zonta Film Festival, held Nov. 18–20th at Princess Cinema, Waterloo. The process was easy to implement and manage right through to conclusion and their assistance in marketing the event through social media was appreciated. Their staff was very helpful, responsive, and committed to making our event a successful one.
Thanks, Eventastic...you were fantastic!"

-Debora S., Zonta

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Track registrations and attendance in real time

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Drive additional revenue through goods or service pre-sales

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Give and receive donations of any kind for your event

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Build demand for silent auctions

Monetary Gifts

Give and receive not just gifts, but cash too!

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Register gifts from anywhere for any occasion

Create a Video Campaign

Use video invitations for that personal touch

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Share your photo memories with other guests

Social Media Marketing

Promote your event(s) through social media channels

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Upload any additional files for your event

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Monitor your event reps' activity and moticate them by changing their rewards at any time

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Create events within events

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Attractive and FREE to use websites that draw attention to your event

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"As a Planner it has been great to have a tool that my clients love and allows them to communicate all of the details I'm working so hard to put together for them. Adding the tools to my business with the return on my investment was and continues to be a no brainer!"

-Mark Babcook, Planned By Mark

"Eventastic has proven itself to be an easy, accessible platform for creating professional, creative and informative invitations. Navigating the site is self-explanatory, and promoting events has never been easier or quicker for me. I will definitely be using it for my future events"

-Daniel Turski, Investors Group

Create your own Eventastic Wedding Website

Wedding Registry

Tasteful and secure cash gifting

Plan Your Pre-Wedding Party

Sell tickets to Pre-wedding parties eg. Stag n' Doe, Bachelor Party

Video Invitations and Thank Yous

Personally invite and thank guests

Guest Registrations

Register your guests for your special day

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Make it easy for your guests to find all your wedding details

Gifting made easy, from family and friends near or far

Thank your family and friends with a personal touch. Use our video thank yous to show you care!


"As a wedding planner, the opportunity to provide my clients with easy and effective tools to assist them in planning their wedding is very important. The Eventastic Weddings platform provides an assortment of tools that are easy to use and adds value to my clients. It makes both my life and my client's life that much easier. It expands what I can offer to my clients without increasing the cost to them and I've found the platform to be truly something the client is excited to have available to them!"

-Aaron Cheung, Man With The Wedding Plan

"Eventastic Weddings is where tradition meets technology. Where the giving and choosing of wedding gifts to the happy couple is totally cutting edge. I have been a Wedding Planner for nearly 30 years and have seen dramatic changes of how couples ask for - and receive gifts and good wishes from family and friends.

I have endorsed these services with my name and brand to be able to provide my brides with all of the features contained within this website. This has made both my life and my clients life stress-free where the headache of money and gifts are concerned. By removing the worry and hassle(and liability) of the now popular cash gifting (the money box) and presenting it in a tasteful way to the wedding guests is just one of the valuable features I encourage my brides to use as part of the excellent and easy to use wedding website.

Eventastic Weddings is simple and easy to use. Thousands of couples are already using this FREE service.

As an affiliate they have been there to support the platform allowing me to add all the features to my wedding packages without the work of providing them!"

-Jane Dayus-Hinch, JDH Weddings and WeddingSOS

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